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Performance Improvements

As part of the release, performance optimizations are introduced back into the product as a result of a customer issue or internally found problem. The Blackboard Performance Engineering team is responsible for refactoring under-performing areas of the application and verifying regression improvements based on the optimization.

LRN-62837 - SQL Server CPU spiking from unreadMessageCount procedure

A poor performing query has been fixed by adjusting a join order and eliminating an unnecessary lookup.

LRN-62902 - Poor scroll performance on Google Chrome due to box shadows

Styling rules for retina displays have been modified to work around a poor performing rendering issue in Chrome browser.

LRN-63211 - Non-200 responses are cached for long lived resources (images, js, etc)

An improper HTTP cache invalidation logic for HTTP error responses has been fixed.

LRN-65521 - High CPU usage due to HashMap concurrency issue in ContextualizedNodeAffiliateCache

Replaced the usage of HashMap with a ConcurrentHashMap to address the thread safety issue.

LRN-65775 - Content Alignment still takes a long time for select courses

Added a safety logic to avoid scanning course contents from the root path when retrieving align-able contents in a course.

LRN-67231 - Bb9.1 SP10 Gaston Outage around extreme DB load for gb2_score_and_attempt_vwquery

In addition to introducing a better filtering logic, unnecessary table joins, calculations, and indexes have been eliminated from a view query.

LRN-67467 - Poor performance on user_mapping query, costs more than 6 hours for each exec

A database query has been optimized.

LRN-70020 - Inefficiencies in PURGE_CORRUPT_ASMT_ASSIGNMENT procedure

An unique data set with a large amount of LINK records was causing a query to run full table scans.

LRN-72036 - Unable to Delete Discussion Board Forum Threads

Fixed a deadlock issue with an improved filtering logic in a stored procedure.