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Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment is an integrated module that can be licensed by your institution. To learn how it could work with your system, contact your Blackboard account representative. Looking for the latest release notes? View the release notes for Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment extracts direct evidence of student learning from Blackboard Learn courses. By collecting student-submitted assignments from existing courses and facilitating a rubric-based secondary evaluation of them, institutions can demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes.

Outcomes Assessment provides a powerful dashboard for the overview and management of evidence collection, goals management, assessment-related enterprise surveys, rubrics, and organizations for assessment collaboration. It automates evidence collection while incorporating the collection of student artifacts with associated course-based rubric scores, and the secondary evaluation of collected artifacts for the purposes of assessment across the continuum of learning--course, program, academic unit, and institution.

A streamlined implementation process leverages existing Blackboard Learn functionality, including user records, courses, and course enrollments. In addition, if your institution has access to Community Engagement features, you have the option to use the institutional hierarchy for efficient provisioning of privileges, access, and user data relevant to assessment processes. If your school licenses Outcomes Assessment, it can configure its own processes for recording goals, collecting data, analyzing data, and implementing change.

Integration with other modules

Community Engagement and Content Management licenses are strongly encouraged, but not required. Clients who license Outcomes Assessment but do not have Community Engagement will be missing critical Institutional Hierarchy capabilities. Clients who license Outcomes Assessment but do not have Content Management will be missing critical file and report management capabilities.