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Goal Alignments

After goals have been created in the Goals tool, they need to be aligned with related goals to show how institutional goals relate to one another and how they relate to external or internal goals. By aligning goals to each other, you can achieve complex reporting. For example, you create a goal for a Bachelor of Science degree requiring that students demonstrate critical thinking skills. This goal can be related to one or more specific goals used in multiple courses offered across the institution, such as Modern English Literature, Concepts of Industrial Design, and Techniques in Molecular Biology. Critical thinking skills can be measured and demonstrated differently for each course, but the goal itself remains constant.

Goals can be aligned to:

  • Survey questions
  • Student evidence (such as course assignments)
  • Content and activities in a course content area
  • Course Grade Center columns

Before alignment can take place, goals must be added to the Blackboard Learn system. Users are then able to align course content to appropriate goals.

Aligning related goals

To align a goal with another related goal, navigate to the goal and select Related Goals from the menu options.

Goals can be aligned with multiple goals to mirror the different ways that these entities interrelate at an institution. For example, an external goal from an accreditation agency might align with many other goals to provide information about how each course supports the overall external goal.

Align course content with a goal

To collect evidence from courses, the course content and activities must first be aligned to goals.

  1. From a course content area, open a content item's menu. You can align goals to anything in the content area, such as files and discussions.
  2. Select Add Alignments.

  3. Browse and select the goals to align the content to.
  4. Select Submit. The selected goals appear in the content item.

Align Grade Center columns with a goal

  1. Open a Grade Center column heading's menu and select View and Add Alignments.
  2. Browse and select the goals to align the Grade Center column to.
  3. Select Submit.

Remove alignments

To remove an alignment, select the alignment and select Remove. After an alignment has been removed, future reporting data may be affected.