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Building Blocks FAQs

Can I install my own building blocks in Learn with a SaaS deployment?

A building block is a Java web app that is deployed as a plug-in to Blackboard Learn and runs as a privileged part of the Blackboard Learn process. These in-process integrations have the potential to interact with resources such as the database or the file system in a way that could result in abnormal consumption of resources. In a multi-tenant environment such as Blackboard Learn with a SaaS deployment, this could result in one customer’s building block behavior negatively impacting other customers.

To prevent these sorts of problems, we are providing a predefined set of building blocks you can use. You cannot install and remove building blocks on your own.

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What if I don't see the building block I want to use?

If a particular building block is not part of the pre-installed collection, contact your account executive.

What happened to the tabs and modules?

The tabs and modules in the Original experience framework is not included in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience. Instead, a new Tools page appears in the base navigation.

Users cannot access any building block that has its only access point in a tab, system module, or course module.

What about customizations I made to my courses using building blocks?

You can still access courses in the Original Course View and choose to use them for an undetermined period of time. For these Original courses, customizations based on building blocks will work. If a customization has an access point in a course that is not a course module, it will continue to function.