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Archive Courses

When you archive a course, the system creates a ZIP file of the course content, user interactions, and submission receipts called an archive package. You can restore archive packages, but they aren't intended for teaching the course again as all user interactions are restored as well. Store archive packages in a secure location.

Don't unzip or extract a course or archive package. Don't remove files from the package or try to import a file contained within the package. You can only import or restore the course if the package is intact. Editing the ZIP file and then importing or restoring the package results in unstable and unpredictable behavior in the course.

Archive packages have this file naming structure:


The Blackboard Learn packaging format follows the IMS Content Packaging Specification, with extensions to support content types that are specific to Blackboard Learn.

  1. On the Administrator Panel in the Courses section, select Courses.
  2. Point to Backup Actions and select Archive Course.
  3. In the Source Course ID box, type a valid course ID. If you don't know the exact course ID, select Browse to search for the course.
  4. To Include the Grade Center History, select the check box following the course ID. Selecting this option increases file size and processing time.
  5. In the File Attachments section, choose whether to include only the links to course files or to include the links and copies of the course files content.

    If you select Copy links and include copies of the content, select Calculate Size to ensure that the package size doesn't exceed the displayed Allowed package size. To remove files and folders from the package, select Manage Package Contents.

  6. Select Submit. Blackboard Learn creates the archive package and sends an email to your Blackboard Learn account. This email contains a link to the log file contents of the package and confirms that the archive package is ready.
  7. Go to your Blackboard Learn email account and verify that you've received the confirmation email.
  8. On the Administrator Panel in the Courses section, select Courses.
  9. Search for the course you archived.
  10. Open the course's menu and select Export/Archive. The Export/Archive page lists all export or archive packages for this course that haven't been deleted from Blackboard Learn, even if you've already downloaded the package. The file names include the date and time the package was created.
  11. Open a ZIP file's menu and select Open.
  12. In the Opening File window, select Save File and select OK to download the archive package to your computer.
  13. Optionally, you can permanently delete the package from Blackboard Learn. Access the ZIP file's menu and select Delete.

Course cartridge information is included in the archive and can be restored, but SafeAssignments aren't included and can't be restored.

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Archive a cross-listed course

The method for archiving cross-listed courses is to archive the parent course. Only parent courses have content, and archiving the parent course includes the child courses. You don't need to archive a child course as it only contains enrollments.