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Course Terms

Use course terms to define the beginning and end of a period of study. You can make courses available during a specific course term.

On the Terms page, a table displays the following information:

  • Name: The name of each term.
  • Duration: The duration for each term.
  • Availability: Whether the term has been made available in the system.
  • Data Source: How the term was created within the system.
  • Courses: The number of courses currently associated with a term. Select the number to see a list of associated courses.

Create or edit a term

  1. On the Administrator Panel in the Courses section, select Terms.
  2. To create a new term, select Create Term. To edit an existing term, open the term's menu and select Edit.
  3. Type a Name and optional Description.
  4. For Availability, select Yes to make the term available to courses throughout Blackboard Learn. Select No to make the term unavailable.
  5. Set the Duration for the term.
    • Continuous: Create a term with no beginning or end.
    • Select Dates: Set calendar dates for the beginning and end of the term. The Start Date must be earlier than the End Date. Courses become available on the morning of the start date (00:01). Courses become unavailable on of the evening of the end date (23:59).
    • Days from the end of enrollment: Define a course term as beginning at the close of course enrollment and lasting a specified number of days.
  6. Select Submit.

Delete terms

When you delete a term, the action is irreversible. Use caution when deleting terms that have courses associated with them.

On the Terms page, open the term's menu and select Delete. Alternatively, use the check boxes to select one or more terms and select Delete.

View courses associated with terms

On the Terms page, open the term's menu and select View Courses. Alternatively, select the number in the Courses column.

The Courses for term page shows all courses associated with a term along with other info, such as course name, date created, and the data source key.