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About Courses in Ultra Experience

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Use the Ultra Course View, the Original Course View, or both!

When you enable the Ultra experience for Blackboard Learn, you make a choice about which course view to use.

  • You can let your instructors choose either the Ultra or Original Course View for their new, blank courses.
  • You can adopt the Ultra Course View for all new courses across your institution.

Learn how to set the default course view in the Ultra experience.

Existing courses in the Original Course View: Any exported and archived courses are restored in the Original Course View. Instructors can choose to preview their original courses in the Ultra Course View and check out how their content appears. They can choose to permanently make the switch to the Ultra Course View for any course they preview.

Ultra Course View
Original Course View

Course states in the Ultra experience

In the Ultra Experience, instructors can control when students can access their courses. This allows them the flexibility of experimenting with content before students view it.

From the Courses page, instructors can set their courses to the following:

  • Open: Instructors can open courses when they're ready for students to participate.
  • Private: Instructors can make courses private while they add or experiment with content, and then open them to students when they're ready. Students see private courses in their course lists, but they can't access them.
  • Complete: Instructors can choose to set their courses to Complete when their courses have ended, but they may no longer make changes to them. Instructors can return their courses to Open or Private as they want. Students can access the content, but they cannot participate in the course any longer. Complete applies to the Ultra Course View only.
  • Hide: Users can choose to hide courses from their course lists to organize their views.

Course Views and Course States for Instructors

What's the same?

You'll notice little change to the Courses module on the Administrator Panel. You can manage your courses as you always have.

  • Create and edit courses.
  • Enroll and remove users from courses.
  • Back up, archive, and restore courses.

Presently, when you restore courses from another Blackboard Learn instance, the courses will retain the Original Course View.

What's different?

When you enable the Ultra experience, your users won't be able to do the following:

  • View and search the course catalog.
  • Create courses on their own.
  • Select a preferred language, although a language can be enforced in the Original Course View.
  • Allow the guest role in the Ultra Course View.
  • Allow the observer role.