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OneDrive Integration

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

Use OneDrive with Learn

Microsoft OneDrive is a free storage platform for your files and photos. Because the platform is cloud-based, you can access your files from multiple devices.

If you have an internet connection, you have OneDrive—regardless of where you are located and what device you are using.

Ready to get started?

Connect with OneDrive

You can easily integrate your OneDrive account with Blackboard Learn—or create one! In the base navigation, select your name to access your profile page. In the External Connections section, select Connect next to the OneDrive cloud.

Connect with an existing account

If you already have an account with Microsoft Live, you can use that to connect with Blackboard Learn. Simply type your email address and password.

Don't have an account yet? You can create one in just a few steps.

Create a OneDrive account

Users who are new to Microsoft Live can sign up for an account within Blackboard Learn with the SaaS deployment.

When you connect to OneDrive, select the Sign Up Now link at the bottom of the login screen. Here, you can sign up for Microsoft Live with your email account.

If you sign up for Microsoft Live with a non-Microsoft account such as Gmail or Yahoo, you have to verify your OneDrive account before Blackboard will allow the integration.

After your account is verified, use your Microsoft Live account information to integrate with Blackboard Learn. The Microsoft account system asks if you agree to share information. Select Yes to continue.