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LIS 2.0 Membership

This table lists example Learn membership elements supported by LIS with SOAP.

Learn Enrollments Field Required For Insert Unique LIS Source Field
Available No No  
Batch Uid Yes Yes Membership Sourced Id
Course Batch Uid Yes No Membership Collection Sourced Id
Course ID No No  
Data Source Key Yes No Membership Data Source
Image URL No No  
Include In Roster No No  
Introduction No No  
Move Cross-listed Enrollment No No (script)
Notes No No  
Personal Information No No  
Receive Email No No  
Replacement Batch Uid No Yes Membership Sourced Id
Replacement Data Source Batch Uid No No  
Role No No Membership Role
Row Status No No Membership Status
User Batch Uid Yes No Membership Person Sourced Id
Username No No  
Website 1 Description No No  
Website 1 Name No No  
Website 1 URL No No  
Website 2 Description No No  
Website 2 Name No No  
Website 2 URL No No  
Website 3 Description No No  
Website 3 Name No No  
Website 3 URL No No