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Blackboard Help

Tools, Roles, and Notification Settings

The following instructions apply to all implementation methods.

Configuring tools and roles

  1. In System Admin > Building Blocks > Grade Journey, make the Grade Approval and Transfer Tool available to new and existing courses.
  2. Under Institution Roles, add a role for a grader (if desired).
  3. Under Blackboard Building, select Building Blocks, and then select Installed Tools.
  4. Under Blackboard Grade Journey Service, select Settings, and then select Grade Extract Settings (Outgoing Data).
  5. Update the institution role to select the newly named role and select Submit.

Notification settings

If desired, you can configure notification settings in Grades Journey. When certain actions occur within the system, the individuals you choose will receive messages describing the activity.

  1. Select Notification Settings.
  2. Choose the notification type to edit:
    • Select Assignments and Grade Columns to configure the notifications when grade columns have been processed.
    • Select Grades Extract to configure the notifications when grades have been extracted.
    • Select Grade Event Notification to configure notifications when grade columns have been changed.
  3. Assign values for To Address, From Address, Subject, and Body.
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen to include tokens.