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Communication and Adoption Toolkit for Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

Supporting your efforts to build awareness and drive adoption

Are you introducing Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience at your institution? Are you trying to figure out ways to build awareness and drive usage? If so, this page is for you.

The resources below have been created for you to use. Feel free to repurpose and modify the resources below in your efforts to build awareness, interest, knowledge, and adoption across your institution around Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience.

About Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience

What exactly is the Ultra experience?

Ultra describes the transformation of the user experience in Blackboard Learn - a more modern, streamlined, and intuitive experience. From the moment you log in, you can find whatever you need using the new base navigation. You have immediate access to core features such as courses, grades, messages, and calendar in fewer steps. A responsive design ensures you have a great experience accessing Blackboard Learn on your mobile device in addition to your laptop or desktop.

Ultra or Original Course View: choose what's right for your institution

The Ultra experience supports two course views: Original courses and Ultra courses. That means you can offer courses in the style of previous 9.1 versions or in the simple and streamlined Ultra Course View. This decision can be made at an institution, department, program, or course by course level.

Strategies for driving adoption

Adoption Tools and Best Practices

Content for you to use and share

Email template

Consider sending this email - or a customized version of it - to your faculty and staff to build awareness and interest.

Download the email template

Suggested social media posts

Suggested post content Link Image
Video: Streamlined grading in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience

Video: Creating tests & assignments in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience

Check out the Educator Preview for Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience

To download the images in the table, right-click and select "Save Image As."

Screenshot library

You asked for a collection of high resolution screenshots that you can use to create some of your own materials, so we're building that collection for you! Check back shortly for a comprehensive screenshot library and tips on how to use the images.

What's new this month/quarter?

Check out the release notes to learn more about the latest releases and to help you manage change for your users.

Get your message heard

Here's a list of some of the communication and marketing channels most frequently used:

Channel Suggestion
Web tiles and pages Add social tiles on key institutional webpages.

Build out a dedicated page or section to Blackboard Learn.

Wikis and blogs Build knowledge repositories to share information.

Link back to one or two content pieces shared here.

Don't like writing? Then just repost one of our blogs.

Email Announce the upcoming changes via email.

Emails can be sent to administration, faculty, staff and students.

The flyer created here can be attached to these emails.

Flyers Hang the 1-page flyer around campus on faculty and student bulletin boards.
Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Leverage social media to generate awareness and excitement. Follow @Blackboard for relevant software announcements.
Faculty and student newspapers Faculty and student newspapers are a great way to get the word out.

Consider giving a student reporter a sneak peek at the new software so they can share reactions.

Key stakeholder meetings Many of the tools in the newest release are very compelling for Deans, Academic leaders, faculty and students so it's worth the time ensuring they all have visibility into this initiative.

Academic leadership meetings, Dean meetings, Faculty Senate meetings, and Student Senate meetings all provide a great opportunity to build awareness, interest and support.

Faculty training Schedule training - online, in-person, or even one-on-one - whatever works best at your institution.


Let us know if you have other strategies you've used to boost adoption, or if you have suggestions for how we can improve this Adoption Toolkit.