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Blackboard Help

Enable the Ultra Experience

Ready to roll?

If you want to enable the Ultra experience on your production environment, submit a ticket to Blackboard Support on A Blackboard representative will contact you to discuss the impact of enabling Ultra on your institution's environment, students, and faculty.

Does not apply to your test environment—only to production servers.

After you have consulted with a Blackboard representative, you will have the ability to enable the Ultra experience from the Admin Panel > The Ultra Experience is here!


Switch to the Ultra experience. After you turn on the Ultra experience, you can't turn it off.


After you enable the Ultra experience, you can change the default course settings to use the Ultra Course View for all new courses, or you can allow instructors to choose a course view for each of their courses. You can choose the default course view option in Courses Settings > Default Course Properties.

To learn more, see the instructor help about the two course views.

Do Not Enable

Make no change to your current Blackboard Learn experience.

Add or change your logo

Administrator Panel > Communities > Institution Logo

  • Browse to select an image file to use as your institution logo. This image appears in the top-left frame above the navigation bar in the Ultra experience of Blackboard Learn.
  • To be sure your institution logo looks clear across all devices, size the image to 180x70.
  • Add your institution's URL in the Image Link box. This sends your users to that link when they click the image.
  • Provide ALT text for the image to improve accessibility.
  • You may need to log out and log in again to view your updated logo.

With the Ultra experience enabled, you can't customize and style the login page at this time.