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Activity Stream

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

After logging in, the activity stream is the first page students, instructors, and administrators see.

Users can see what's due and what needs their attention in their courses. Items are sorted into Important, Upcoming, Today, and Recent categories. Users can jump directly into course activities from the list!

Activity from both the Ultra and Original Course Views appear in the stream.

Configure the activity stream

You do not need to maintain the activity stream or manage settings. The system populates the stream with information from all courses that users are enrolled in. The tool is always on in the base navigation in the Ultra experience. You can't turn it off.

Users can configure their own activity streams on a limited basis. Due dates always show in the activity stream, but users can show or hide some activity types. All users can select the activity stream's gear icon to open the Settings panel.

More on what instructors see in the activity stream

More on what students see in the activity stream

Institution notifications

You can create institution announcements right from the activity stream. Institution announcements show in the Today section of the activity stream.

More on creating notifications

Embedded images and video are not available in the content editor at this time. Also, you can't show an announcement at login at this time.

Personal notifications

At this time, notifications are always on for the Ultra experience and admin default notification settings do not apply. Email, SMS, and text to voice message notifications are not available at this time.

What do your users see?

Video: Activity stream in Learn SaaS

View the activity stream from the instructor's point of view. Use your browser's back function to return here.