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Roles and Privileges

Use roles and privileges to set what your users can and can't do.

Use the roles to group privileges into sets that can be assigned to user accounts. Every user associated with a role has all of the privileges included in the role. When a user account is assigned multiple roles, the user receives all of the privileges included in all of the roles.

Example: Jonathon is a student in Course A. He is also a teaching assistant in Course B. Even though as a student he should not have access to the Control Panel in the Original Course View, he needs the Control Panel in Course B. He has access to the Control Panel in Course B only.

Default roles

  • System Roles: Control the administrative privileges assigned to a user. System roles enable administrators to share administrative privileges and functions with other users in Blackboard Learn.
  • Course and Organization Roles: Control access to the content and tools within a course or organization. Each user is assigned a role for each course or organization in which they participate. For example, a user with a role of Teaching Assistant in one course can have a role of Student in another course. Instructors can use these roles to delegate some of the responsibility for maintaining the course.
  • Institution Roles: Control what users see when they log in. Institution roles also grant or deny access to Content Collection files and folders.