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Admin Console Release Notes: May 8, 2013

  • Release date: May 8, 2013
  • Dependencies: Visualization Building Block and the correct version of this Building Block for your version of Blackboard Learn

With the release of the Admin Console Building Block, we continue to build on our Administrator Efficiency story. First bundled in Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack (SP) 9, the Admin Console is a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for Blackboard Learn System Administrators.

The Admin Console Building Block streamlines the process for gathering system information directly from Learn’s User Interface. It provides access to critical server information about local and remote servers via a Learn administrator account reducing (and in many cases eliminating) the need for command-line access.

This release of the Admin Console delivers over 40 improvements and enhancements that improve performance, improve the user interface experience through enhanced data visualization, and through the addition of historical data and system performance data improve the ability to trend system performance over time enabling more comprehensive analysis of system performance and issue diagnosis.

Without the Admin Console, access to the level of information provided by the Admin Console requires significant system knowledge and access to the command-line. And, in many cases institutional policy limits the number of individuals who have access to the command-line – disrupting the ability for System Administrators and Support to monitor and triage system operations.

With this improved set of on-board diagnostic tools that monitor and retain historical performance characteristics across all application servers in a load balanced configuration, Blackboard clients, whether self-hosted or hosted by Blackboard, can leverage Blackboard's industry-leading expertise in tuning Learning Management Systems for maximum performance and uptime.


  • The Visualization Building Block is needed to render charts and graphs. It is compatible with all supported platforms and must be installed prior to the installation of the Admin Console Building Block.
  • The correct version of the Admin Console Building Block for your version of Blackboard Learn:
    • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 10 (Build: 9.1.100401.0): Admin Console 10.0.0
    • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 11 (Build: 9.1.110082.0): Admin Console 10.0.0
    • Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 12 (Build: 9.1.120113.0): Admin Console 10.1.0

Release highlights

  • Expanded system monitoring including:

    • Scheduled task activity

    • JVM garbage collection and heap activity

    • EhCache activity

    • System configuration tracking

  • Historic data storage - by default, three days of activity is stored.

  • Enhanced data visualization - view real-time and historical data in an easy to use GUI
  • Configurable - configure sampling frequency, Learn event thresholds, and data retention policies.

Rendering charts and graphs

To render the dynamic charts and graphic in the Admin Console, you must first install the Visualization Building Block. The Admin Console works without this building block, but you will not be able to see the charts and graphics.

image illustrating text

To learn more see Admin Console.

How to install and activate the Building Block

You can use Software Updates to install the Admin Console building block directly from the System Admin panel. Alternatively, you can visit Behind the Blackboard Downloads and find the Admin Console building block to download and install manually.

Software Updates

Software Updates are located on the System Admin panel. When a new building block is available, or has been updated, you are notified by a change in the icons. Simply click the Feature Building Blocks Available icon and locate the Admin Console building block. Click Install. You will need to make the building block available once it has installed.

Image illustrating associated text

Behind the Blackboard downloads

Download the Admin Console building block from Behind the Blackboard Downloads home, located under Feature Building Blocks for Learn. Save the file on a local drive. Unzip the package to access the .war file.

  1. Navigate to the System Admin panel. Click Building Blocks.
  2. Click Installed Tools.
  3. Click Upload Building Blocks from the action bar.
  4. Browse for the Admin Console building block .war file.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. You will get a success message when the building block is installed. Set the building block to Active and click Approve.