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Administrator Overview of Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on the Blackboard Collaborate voice authoring building block.

The Blackboard Collaborate™ voice authoring building block enables instructors to build engaging and effective courses by including vocal components in course content. With voice authoring, instructors can  facilitate vocal instruction, collaboration, personalized coaching, and assessment.

To learn about administration of the voice authoring building block, log in to Behind the Blackboard and download Building Block for Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring Configuration Guide.

Features Built for Education

The Blackboard Collaborate™ voice authoring building block gives instructors the following capabilities:

  • Voice Authoring Mashups: Include audio recordings in course content through voice authoring mashups.
  • Voice Board: Add a voice-based, threaded online discussion to courses to actively engage students in the course and facilitate student conversations to promote active learning. Automatically add voice board evaluations to the Grade Center, saving time and providing timely feedback to students.
  • Voice Email: The tone of text-based emails can easily be misconstrued. Add a voice email tool to a course so other instructors or students can send emails containing voice messages to others in the course. Voice email adds the emotion and candor, mood, expression and inflection of the human voice to electronic, asynchronous correspondence.
  • Voice Presentation: Create interactive learning tools that blend voice, text and web pages in a single presentation.
  • Voice Podcaster: Build engaging and reusable course content and deliver as podcasts to which students can subscribe and play on their mobile devices or computers.