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Add Grade Center Integration

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on Grade Voice Boards.

You can add a Grade Center integration to a new voice board or any previously created voice board, allowing you to leverage your existing content as assessment tools.

To learn about adding Grade Book integrations to new voice boards, see Add a Voice Board Tool.

  1. To add a Grade Book integration to an existing voice board, open the Modify Voice Board page:
    • For voice boards created in a content area, mouse over the voice board tool to open the contextual menu File:en-us/Learn/Building_Blocks/Blackboard_Collaborate_Voice_Authoring/020_Instructor/070_Grade_Center_Integratation_With_Voice_Boards/010_Add_Grade_Center_Integration/Tool_Option_Menu.png. From the drop-down list, select Edit.

      Voice board tool menu

    • For voice boards created under Tools, enter the voice board tool and click Modify for the voice board you wish to edit.

      Voice board page under Tools

  2. Under Settings, select the Grade option.
  3. In the Points possible field, enter a value for the maximum possible grade.
  4. Click Submit.