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Add a Voice Authoring Mashup to a Content Editor

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on adding a voice authoring mashup to a content editor.

You can embed a voice message in other content by creating a voice authoring mashup in any content that uses the content editor. For example, you can create a voice authoring maship in a blank page, item, email, discussion board, journal, test or announcement.

Students can add voice authoring mashups to assignments and discussion boards only, provided you have enabled voice authoring mashups.

  1. Access course content that makes use of the content editor.
  2. In the content editor, type the text you want to include with your voice message.

    Blackboard strongly recommends you type and edit any other content before you add a voice authoring message. Moving the mashup icon, or even editing text on either side of it, runs the risk of breaking the link to the voice authoring playback applet.

  3. Place your cursor in the location where you want to add a play button for your voice message.
  4. Click Mashups and select Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring from the drop-down list. The Voice Authoring page opens in a new browser window.

    Content editor mashup menu

    If the content editor is in simple mode, you will not see the Mashups function. Click the show more (File:en-us/Learn/Building_Blocks/Blackboard_Collaborate_Voice_Authoring/020_Instructor/040_Add_Voice_Mashup/020_Add_a_Voice_Authoring_Mashup_to_a_Content_Editor/Content_Editor_Show_More_Button.png) function—represented by a double chevron in the top right corner of the content editor—to access the Mashups function.

  5. Enter a descriptive title for your voice authoring mashup.

  6. Use the recording applet to record your message:

    Recording applet

    To learn more, see Recording and Playback Applets.

  7. Click Submit.

To listen to the voice message in your content, others simply click the Play button that appears in your mashup.

Play message button

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