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Send a Voice Email

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on using voice tools

Use the following steps to send a voice email from a voice email tool in a content area.

The steps for sending a voice email from a voice email tool on the Tools page are very similar and not covered in this topic. The main difference is that, from the Tools page, you can select email recipients from a list of options.

  1. Click the link in a voice email tool.

    Voice email tool

  2. In the voice email form, the From field is automatically populated with your email address. The To field is automatically populated with the recipients selected by the instructor who created the tool.

    Voice email form

  3. Enter your Subject, if it is not already pre-defined by the instructor.
  4. Use the recording applet to record your voice message. To learn how, see Recording and Playback Applets.
  5. Enter the text you want to accompany your voice message, if any.
  6. Click Send.