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Add Voice Tools to a Content Area

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on adding voice tools to a content area.

Enrich your students' learning experience by adding voice tools to your course content areas.

  1. From the course menu, select the content area to which you want to add a voice authoring tool.
  2. Confirm that Edit Mode is ON.
  3. Click the Tools drop-down list and select the voice authoring tool you want to add to your content area.

    If you don't see the tool you want to use, this means it is not enabled. To learn how to enable it, see Enable Voice Authoring Tools.

    Content area Tool menu

    The page for the voice tool you are creating appears.

  4. Read the following topics to learn how to configure the specific voice tools:

To learn more...

To learn more about creating course content, read the following topic: