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Add a Voice Email Tool

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on adding voice tools to a content area.

As you prepare your voice email tool, remember that you are building a reusable email form, not a single email. Anyone in the course can use your forms to send emails to instructors only, to students only, or to both instructors and students.

  1. Provide basic information:

    Voice email information

    • Give your voice email form a meaningful Title.
    • Color is the color of the title.
    • Use the Description field to provide further information about the purpose of the voice email tool.
  2. Define your settings:

    Voice email settings

    • Audio quality: Adjust the quality of audio for recordings based on the environment in which voice email will be used. Keep in mind that higher quality settings require more bandwidth. The default setting of Standard Quality - 12.8 kbits/s works well in most situations.

    • Max message length: If you want to restrict the length of recordings in voice emails, specify a maximum allowable length. The options range between 15 seconds and 20 minutes.
    • Include Reply Links: Select Yes for this option if you want email recipients to be able to reply to voice emails with their own voice emails. If set to No, recipients will be able to reply using standard email text only.
    • Pre-fill Subject field?: Select Yes for this option if you want all emails created with this voice email form to contain the same subject line. Then enter a subject line in the text field. If you select to No, users will be able to modify the subject when sending messages from this voice email form.
  3. Select the recipients for messages sent using this voice email form: Instructors, Students or All. If you select All, all instructors and students in this course will receive emails. The external email addresses of those in the recipient group you choose automatically populate the To field of emails.

    Voice email recipients

  4. Set your options. To learn more, see Voice Options.
  5. Click Submit.

The voice email tool appears in your content area.


Users click the link to open the form and create voice emails.

Voice email form