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Add a Voice Presentation Tool

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on adding voice tools to a content area.

The voice presentation tool enables you to add voice commentary to web content. You can create a vocal slide show, web tour, or review of any curricula across disciplines—including web pages, images, and internet-based media.

  1. Provide basic information:

    Voice presentation information

    • Give your voice presentation a meaningful Title.
    • Color is the color of the title.
    • Use the Description field to provide further information about the purpose of the voice presentation tool.
  2. Define your settings:

    Voice presentation settings

    • Audio quality: Adjust the quality of audio for recordings based on the environment in which voice presentation will be used. Keep in mind that higher quality settings require more bandwidth. The default setting of Standard Quality - 12.8 kbits/s works well in most situations.

    • Max message length: If you want to restrict the length of recordings in voice presentations, specify a maximum allowable length. The options range between 15 seconds and 20 minutes.
    • Allow students to comment on slides: Select this option if you want students to be able to add vocal and/or text comments to each slide within the voice presentation.
    • Make slide comments private: Select this option if you don't want students to be able to view each other’s comments within the voice presentation. The instructor can still view all comments.
  3. Set your options. To learn more, see Voice Options.
  4. Click Submit.

The voice presentation tool appears in your content area.

Voice presentation tool

Users click the link in the tool to open the voice presentation, which opens in a new browser tab or window. Web page content appears to the the right of the presentation applet in a frame.

Not all webpages, such as YouTube videos, are allowed to launch in html frames. If you don't see the content of the webpage to the right of the applet, it either means it is not allowable content or it may mean the browser has disabled the content. If the latter is the case, enable the content in your browser.

Students can add new content to the presentation and, by default, comment on existing content.

Voice presentation, student view

Screen capture used with permission."The Strongest Oak Foundation." The Strongest Oak Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Aug. 2014.

As an instructor, you have a full suite of tools for managing your voice presentations. You can add, edit and delete content as well as comment on content.

Voice presentation, instructor view