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Add a Voice Podcaster Tool

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on adding voice tools to a content area.

The voice podcaster is a complete, start-to-finish podcasting application. It allows you and your students to author vocal recordings and distribute them over the internet using syndication feeds. All .MP3 files are hosted on the Voice Authoring server, which also automatically creates the RSS feed. Users can play messages directly within voice podcaster, download audio from the feed, or subscribe using their preferred RSS reader.

  1. Provide basic information:

    Voice podcaster information

    • Give your voice presentation a meaningful Title.
    • Color is the color of the title.
    • Use the Description field to provide further information about the purpose of the voice podcaster tool.
  2. Define your settings:

    Voice podcaster settings

    • Display short message titles: Select this option if you want to provide less information—such as length of the audio message and date of the posting—in the title of the messages, making the display more compact.

    • Audio quality: Adjust the quality of audio for recordings based on the environment in which voice presentation will be used. Keep in mind that higher quality settings require more bandwidth. The default setting of Standard Quality - 12.8 kbits/s works well in most situations.

    • Allow students to post to podcast: Select this option if you want students to be able to add vocal and textual posts to podcasts. This option is useful if you would like individual students, or study groups, to have their own podcast. Otherwise, only the instructor can post messages.
    • Podcast auto publish: By default, posts are published, and therefore downloaded to the computers of subscribed users, after 5 minutes of creation. Only during this time can the author edit the text within the post and/or re-record the audio. You can adjust this setting to a shorter or longer duration.
  3. Set your options. To learn more, see Voice Options.
  4. Click Submit.

The voice podcaster tool appears in your content area. Users click the link in the tool to open the voice podcaster.

Voice podcaster tool

By default, students can only subscribe to a podcast. However, when you create the podcaster tool, you can enable students to post to podcasts as well.


As an instructor, you have a full suite of tools for managing your voice podcasts. You can add, edit, delete, import, and export content.