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Instructor Overview of Goal Performance Dashboard

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on the goal performance dashboard.

Visualize student goal achievements with dashboards.

Grades can be misleading. An assignment or test can measure how much a student has learned about multiple subjects, but is typically measured with one grade. To help measure and demonstrate student mastery in complex subjects, instructors can create course goals. Goals are specific and measurable concepts that students should strive for when taking a course.

The Goal Performance Dashboard can help you better understand how your students are performing in a course. The dashboard displays course goals and the assessments that you map to them. You can quickly determine how a student's individual grades contribute to their achievement of course goals.

You can access the Goal Performance Dashboard two ways.

Access Dashboard From The My Blackboard Tab

To see a list of all students, go to Tools > Goal Performance after you log in to Learn. A list of all of your students in all of your courses appears. Choose a student from the list to see their Goal Performance Dashboard. By selecting a goal on the dashboard, you can view the individual components to determine where there is room for improvement or where the student is succeeding. The goal definition is also displayed.

Access The Dashboard In a Course

You can also go to the Goal Performance Dashboard within a course. This is a more detailed view of a student's goals and which course items are contributing to achievement.

In the course menu, select Tools and then Goal Performance. Select the student whose dashboard you would like to view.

Export Goal Performance Data

The Goal Performance Dashboard allows you to export data related to course goals and student performance for other purposes outside of Learn.

Go to System Admin and select Student Goal Performance Export in the Tools and Utilities menu. Click the Generate Export button on this page to download a JSON file with your data.

This JSON file can be converted into other formats and used however you like. The file displays data on students and their competencies in your courses. This information can be used as a report card or to determine how effective a particular course, assignment, or lesson is.