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Assigned Portfolios

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on portfolios.

You can request that portfolios be submitted for course assignments.

On the Create Assignment page, expand Submission Details and click Portfolio Submission. Optionally, choose a template students should use in their portfolio submissions.

Portfolio snapshot submissions made through an assignment are not listed in the student's list of shared portfolio snapshots and cannot be rescinded like other sharing events.

Assigned Portfolios and Inline Grading

When a student has submitted a portfolio in response to an assignment, the portfolio is viewable in the assignment grading interface.

  1. The portfolio snapshot is not rendered through Crocodoc, so direct annotation of the portfolio pages is not possible.
  2. Grading feedback, rubric results, and rubric feedback provided in the grading sidebar is separate from portfolio comments. This information is stored independently as part of the assignment attempt—not as part of the portfolio or portfolio snapshot itself.
  3. From the grading sidebar, you can download a portfolio as a ZIP package of HTML files.
  4. Because portfolios are stored as portfolio snapshots, portfolios submitted through an assignment can be harvested through Outcomes Assessment Evidence Collection just as the submission for any other assignment is.