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Share Portfolios

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on creating and sharing portfolios.

Share your portfolio with others, both at your institution and outside the walls. Each time you share a portfolio with other users, you create a static snapshot of that portfolio at that point in time. What is shared is that static snapshot. If you make edits that you want to share, you need to share the portfolio again.

For example, a student in a two-year graduate program must maintain a portfolio over the course of the program representing his learning activities and reflections. He may be required to provide this portfolio for evaluation each semester over the four-semester program. He shares his portfolio, which creates a snapshot of the portfolio at the time of evaluation, and can continue to work on the portfolio without interfering with its evaluation.

How to Share Your Portfolio

  1. On the My Portfolios page, click More following a portfolio's name.
  2. Click Share.
  3. On the action bar, point to Share a Snapshot with and select one of the user types. Use the following table to determine which sharing option to choose.
Portfolio Sharing Settings
Who? What Happens?
Blackboard Learn Users The portfolio is listed in the user's Shared with Me.
External Users A URL is created and emailed to the specified users so that they can access your portfolio.
Courses or Organizations The portfolio is listed in the portfolios tool in the course or organization. Members of those courses and organizations can search for your portfolios.
Institution Roles All users with that role may search for your portfolio.
All System Accounts Any user on the system may search for your portfolio.