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What Happens to My Old Portfolios?

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on portfolios.

What Happens to My Old Portfolios with this New Framework?

Portfolios created in either the basic portfolio or personal portfolio tools in the legacy portfolio framework still are presented in the new portfolio framework. You can continue to view, share, and edit them.

Numerous behaviors around portfolio authoring, layout, and design have changed in the new portfolio framework. Legacy portfolios may not look exactly the same in the new portfolio framework as they did in the legacy portfolio framework. You may see changes to page layout and, most significantly, to the visual design of the portfolio. However, you should still be able to access and view all of the content of the portfolio. Continued editing and maintenance of the portfolio should be easier.

Revisit your active portfolios to make any necessary adjustments to achieve your outcomes:

  • Check each page of the portfolio to be sure the content was converted appropriately.
  • Check the artifacts in My Artifacts to be sure they were converted appropriately.
  • Adjust the layout and design preferences of the converted portfolio to conform to the preferred design options.
  • For your shared portfolios, check the sharing settings to be sure they were preserved appropriately.