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Qwickly FAQs

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the new Qwickly FAQs page.

What are the best Troubleshooting Tips?

Watch the Troubleshooting video.

If you are experiencing any issues regarding Qwickly (items not working, overlay issues, cloud issues) please work through the following checklist:

  1. Version: Make sure that you have the most current version of Qwickly available from If you need a previous version, the latest stable builds are also listed.
  2. Qwickly ID: You do not need your password, just your Qwickly ID. If your institution already has Qwickly installed and working, you can retrieve your Qwickly ID by visiting the Qwickly Settings in the System Admin tab of Blackboard. On the settings screen, click the Support/Registration tab to display your Qwickly ID.
  3. Qwickly Plus: If you recently requested cloud connectors (Google Drive, DropBox, Box, or OneDrive) make sure that you RESUBMIT the settings in Qwickly. Click Submit on the main Qwickly Settings page.
  4. Module Issues: If you are having trouble with the module, be certain the Allow Asynchronous Loading check box on the module settings is CLEAR. Go to System Admin > Tabs and Modules > Modules > Search for Qwickly and UNCHECK the Allow Asynchronous Loading check box.
  5. Javascript Errors: If you are seeing javascript errors make sure that you have cleared your cache and refresh your browser. Try closing your browser and log back into Blackboard.
  6. Internet Explorer Issues: Do not use IE - there are some known IE issues with configuring and using Qwickly. Use Google Chrome or FireFox.
  7. Need more help? Submit a ticket through the Qwickly Settings area.

What is a Qwickly ID?

A Qwickly ID is a code that uniquely identifies your institution and allows Qwickly to run on installations of Blackboard. If you want to run Qwickly on multiple installations of Blackboard (for instance a staged environment and a production environment), you should use the SAME Qwickly ID on each installation. This code is especially important if you are using Qwickly+, your license to Qwickly+ is associated with your Qwickly ID.

If your institution already has Qwickly installed and working, you can retrieve your Qwickly ID by visiting the Qwickly Settings in the System Admin tab of Blackboard. On the settings screen, click the Support/Registration tab, and your Qwickly ID will show.

If your institution already has a Qwickly ID, but no instance of Qwickly installed, click the Recover lost Qwickly ID link on the activation screen and follow the on-screen steps to recover your Qwickly ID.

If your institution has never had a Qwickly ID, you can generate a Qwickly ID right from the activation page:

Image illustrating associated text

  1. Click I don't have a Qwickly ID on the activation page.

    Two buttons will appear above the activation form.

  2. ​Click My Institution does not have a Qwickly ID button.
  3. Fill out the brief form, and then click Generate Qwickly ID.
  4. When your new Qwickly ID appears, copy it and paste it in the Qwickly ID field on the activation page.
  5. Choose if you are running a Test System or Production System.

    You should now see the Qwickly Settings Panels.

How does the Semester Code / Course ID filter work?

The Course ID filter allows Qwickly to only apply to certain courses in your system. If your system has a naming convention for Course IDs that includes a common text string for a semester, such as 2013FA for all Fall 2013 courses, you would supply 2013FA as the semester code.

You will need to change the code for each semester, or you can provide multiple semester codes. Separate each code with a semi-color (;) with no spaces in between semester codes.

If no semester code is provided, Qwickly tools will apply to all courses that are in the system.

How can Users Customize which Qwickly Apps to See

Qwickly has an easy set up tool that allows you to turn tools on and off as needed. If you turn a tool off in the settings panel, users will not be able to use that tool. You can also choose to deploy Qwickly as individual tools in the Blackboard Tool Panel, controlling which tools users have access to. Qwickly currently allows users with the role of instructor to:

  • Send Emails to one or more courses (all users in each course)
  • Post an Announcement to one or more courses.
  • Make courses available and unavailable.
  • See the number of items that need graded in all of their classes and each class individually.

    Qwickly currently allows users with the role of student to:

  • Send Emails to instructors of one or more courses.

Change the Tools Shown

  1. Click the Settings Gear at the top of the Qwickly Module or Tool:

    Image illustrating associated text

  2. When the Settings Panel opens, check or uncheck any apps from the list.

    Image illustrating associated text

  3. Click Submit to save the settings.

    You will need to reload the page to see the updated list.

Why is Make Courses Available not in the Qwickly menu?

Qwickly was designed to show only the tools that apply to you at any given moment. Make sure you have a course that is actually unavailable. If you have no unavailable courses to make available, you will not see that option.

To change this behavior, turn on the Availability Toggle, which allows instructors to make courses both available AND unavailable. When this option is turned on, the Course Availability tool will always appear, even when all courses are available.