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Grade Center Integration (SP 14 & Earlier Only)

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on SafeAssign.

This content is applicable to Learn 9.1 SP 14 and earlier only.

Grade Center Integration

SafeAssignments are created with associated Grade Center items. The score is then recorded in the Grade Center.

SafeAssign enables institutions to link in to a Global Reference Database of academic content. The Global Reference Database allows institutions to search their own data repository as well as many other data repositories. Access to the database is enabled by default. To connect to the Global Reference Database, ensure that the Blackboard Application servers are allowed to access the following host and ports.

These ports are for outgoing HTTP traffic only. SafeAssign never communicates back to your Blackboard system through these IPs.

Blackboard Learn
IP Address:
Ports:  TCP 80 and 443

Allow incoming traffic on all established connections for Learn by allowing a connection with a flag other than SYNC on any port from the following IP Address: SafeAssign makes web service calls to your Blackboard system from this IP.