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Messages FAQs

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on the Messages tool.

What is the Messages tool?

The Messages tool provides the ability to asynchronously communicate with other users at your institution and throughout the global learning network.  Users can send one-to-one and one-to-many messages that are similar to messages you can send and receive through today’s social platforms.  From the Messages tool, users can read, reply, delete, and compose messages.

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How does the Messages tool differ from Course Messages?

The new Messages tool enables users to send a quick message to any Blackboard Learn user in the global learning network, whether or not they are in a course together.  It is similar to messaging tools found in other social applications.  In comparison, the Course Messages tool is meant for sending messages only to others within a specific course and it is a more full-featured tool that includes subject lines, creating and editing folders, moving messages, read / unread, full WYSIWYG content editor and more.  Both tools will remain available in Blackboard Learn, as they address different scenarios and different user needs. 

Can I view my users’ Messages and monitor for inappropriate content?

No, System Administrators do not have the ability to view Messages between users. 

Users are able to have a single, lifelong Profile that they use at multiple institutions (for example, if they are taking classes at multiple schools or they are teaching at one institution while they are a student at another).  Therefore, cloud-based Messages data could contain conversations between your user and their faculty / administrators / students at other institutions.  Because of this situation, it would not be appropriate to expose Messages data to an individual system administrator. 

Can Messages tie into my personal or institutional email system?

The Messages tool is an entirely separate asynchronous communication tool driven through the Blackboard Cloud.  There is currently no functionality to integrate this with a user’s personal or institutional email system.