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Preview and Evaluate Self and Peer Assessments

This information applies only to the Original Course View. Your institution controls which tools are available.

You can see the student perspective and how they complete an assessment and evaluate their peers.

You can preview an assessment in two ways from the Assessment Canvas page:

  • Choose Submission to view what students see when they initially access the assessment. To preview a question, select its name.
  • Choose Evaluation to view what students see when they evaluate their peers’ assessments or their own.

Preview pages are read-only. You can't make edits.

Evaluation Preview page

On the Evaluation Preview page, select the evaluator username to display the appropriate Evaluation page. Each question appears in a grouping of tabs. Navigate through the tabs to display the submitted response for that question. In preview mode, the status is always Not Started.

If it exists, select Model Response to open the example for that question.

You can view the number of points given out of how many points are possible. In preview mode, points appear as 0 / xxx.

Complete an assessment

Students access assessments from a course area. The Submission and Evaluation date ranges appear with the link. Students can submit answers directly on the question page and upload files to support their answers.

  1. In the course area, select the View/Complete Assessment link to begin an assessment.
  2. On the Take Assessment page, select a question link and type a response.
  3. Optionally, attach one or more files and type a Link Title as needed.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Repeat the steps until all of the questions are answered.
  6. Select Submit.

Evaluate an assessment

You can allow your students to evaluate their peers' assessments and provide valuable feedback. This feedback can improve comprehension of the material for both the assessed peer and the student who provides the evaluation.

Students can access an assessment with the same link they used to complete it and begin the evaluation. The Evaluation Overview page lists the number of submissions the student need to evaluate, with the evaluator's name at the top of the list.

If you enable anonymous evaluation, an evaluator doesn't see the name of any student during evaluation. Students can evaluate assessments only during the evaluation period designated by you.

Don't enroll or unenroll students after the evaluation start date. Results already gathered may be negatively affected.

  1. In the course area, select the assessment's View/Complete Assessment link to begin the evaluation.
  2. On the Evaluation Overview page, select the appropriate name.
  3. On the Evaluation page, review the text in the Submission box. Expand the Criteria for review. Review attached files. Select Model Response to compare.
  4. Type the number of points for each criterion and provide feedback, if requested.
  5. Select the Allocate Points check box.
  6. Select Save and Next Criteria to move to the next criteria or Save and Next Question.
  7. Select Submit.