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Chalk Titles

This information applies only to the Original Course View.

Chalk Titles are course cartridges that are integrated with external applications and content from publishers. Chalk Titles include both content and tools. Tools included in a Chalk Title connect to an outside source to run each tool.

Tool availability

Your institution must make the Chalk Titles tool available.

Chalk Title tools appear in the Course Tools section of the Control Panel after a Chalk Title is added to a course. You can restrict availability to Chalk Title tools in the same way that you can restrict availability to other tools.

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Chalk Title features

Integration with the course: Chalk Titles link courses to applications that run on the publisher's servers. These applications are often popular tools that are familiar to instructors. Contact the publisher to learn more about the applications included with a Chalk Title.

Single sign-on: Users who are logged into a course are also logged into the publisher applications linked to the course. Users pass between the course and the publisher applications seamlessly.

Roster synchronization: Users who are enrolled in a course are automatically enrolled in the publisher application.

Grade passing: Grades from the publisher application are passed to the course.

Install Chalk Titles

Chalk Titles are installed in the same way as other course cartridges. Chalk Titles also require a download key and student access keys.

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Chalk Titles and the Grade Center

Chalk Title tools can synch with a course's Grade Center to report student performance. Note that student attempts are stored on the server that runs the tool, not within the course. Therefore, student attempts aren't included when you archive a course. The reported grades are the only recorded information about student attempts.

Configure browser privacy settings

To fully use links added to a course by a Chalk Title, browser settings must be set to Accept All Cookies. At a minimum, set your browser to accept cookies from the Chalk Title’s server.

If you set the browser privacy settings on medium or high, cookies from third-party content are silently blocked. Users will receive an error message when they attempt to access some of the links for a Chalk Title.

If you specifically set the browser to accept cookies from the Chalk Title's server, you can maintain the browser privacy settings at medium or high. Contact the Chalk Title publisher for additional information.

Maintain user privacy

When you make a Chalk Title available to students, you need to consider user privacy. Outside servers use personal information, such as names and email addresses to provide the tool and link the tool with the Grade Center.

When you first access a Chalk Title, you receive a privacy notice. This message is set to display each time you access a Chalk Title. You can require students to fill out an authorization form before they access a Chalk Title.

Provide notice and authorization

On the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities section and select Manage Chalk Title. Complete these fields:

  • Student Authorization: Select Yes to require authorization from students to release their personal information to the publisher's server.
  • Instructor Notice: Select Yes to display the privacy notice each time an instructor accesses a Chalk Title tool.

Troubleshooting Chalk Titles

When you report problems with a Chalk Title, remember that its tools and content are linked to outside servers hosted by publishers. In many cases, the problem may be with the publisher's server. Let your institution know that a problem is related to Chalk Title tool.

Chalk Title tools won't work if you export or archive the course and later add it to a system that doesn't support Chalk Titles.