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Languages Other Than English

This information applies only to the Original Course View.

Language packs present Blackboard Learn using language and cultural norms matched to different audiences. Language pack preferences are defined at the system level, the course or organization level, and finally at the user level.

At the system level, your institution defines one language pack as the system default. This is the language pack that appears when no other language pack is specified at the course level or at the user level.

At the course level, you can set a language pack that is different from the default to make all users in a course view the same language pack. For example, use in a course designed to teach that language.

At the user level, individuals may choose their preferred language packs, unless a language pack choice has been set to be enforced.

Customized names for content areas and tools are not changed with the language pack. These values stay the same for all language packs. The default names in the system are translated and appear differently in each language pack.

Set a language pack

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Customization section and select Properties.
  2. On the Properties page, make a selection from the Language Pack menu.
  3. Select Enforce Language Pack to always display this course in the selected language pack.
  4. Select Submit.

If you don't choose a language pack for a course, the course displays in the user’s preferred language pack. If the user hasn't set a preferred language pack, the course displays in the system default language pack.

Watch a video about changing the course language pack

This video explains how to change the course language pack.

Video: How to change the language pack of a course

Course areas not impacted by language pack selections

For the most part, the Control Panel appears in the selected language pack of a course. It does not appear in the language pack selected by the user. In a few places within a course, the page will display using the system default or the user’s preferred language pack rather than the course language pack. The following pages will not display in the selected course language pack:

  • Control Panel > Course Information > Edit Item, Copy Item, Add Item, Delete Item
  • Control Panel > Copy Files to Content Collection
  • Control Panel > Discussion Board > Add Forum
  • Control Panel > Announcements > Confirmation receipt