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Explore and Decide

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

In the Ultra Course preview, you can see exactly how your content will look if you decide to permanently switch.

Select the link in the status bar at the bottom of your screen to view how many items will not carry forward in the Ultra Course View. In the Conversion Details panel, select a title to view the specifics so that you can make the best decision for your course. Some features aren't currently available in the Ultra Course View such as surveys, Self and Peer Assessments, wikis, blogs, and journals.

More on the conversion details

Remember, you're in preview mode. You haven't committed to a permanent conversion of your course yet.

Any changes you make to your course while in the Ultra Course View preview won't be saved if you exit the preview and choose to continue in the Original Course View. If you choose to permanently convert your course to Ultra, the changes you made during the preview are saved.

Make the switch?

After you preview the Ultra Course View, it's decision time! You can either permanently convert the course or stay with the original version. The bar at the bottom of your screen also contains options for your course view selection.

Select Back to Original course. You exit the preview and your course will revert to the way you had it before the preview.

Remember, any changes you made to your course during the Ultra preview aren't saved if you go back to the Original Course View.

Select Use the Ultra course. After you make the conversion permanent, you can open the course to students when you're ready.

If you attempt to switch your course from Private to Open during the preview, you're warned that you can't switch back to the Original Course View.

Can students see the preview?

When your course is in preview mode, only instructors and administrators can view it.

After you open your course to students, students see it in the course view you chose. You can only open a course to students if it's in the Original Course View or permanently converted to the Ultra Course View.