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Additional Learn Features

Community engagement and content management give you access to more features.

Blackboard offers add-on bundles for Learn. If your school uses them, you might have enhanced features. Remember that your institution controls whether these features are available. If one feature in a set is available, it doesn’t mean the other features are too. Contact your administrator for more information.

If your institution has access to community engagement features, you’ll be able to use:

Doesn’t seem familiar? If you teach grades K-12, you may also have access to Community Engagement, but different features are included. Learn more about Community Engagement for K-12 users.

If your institution has access to content management features, you can use:

  • Portfolios
  • Content Collection. When enabled, your course files will be contained in the Content Collection instead of Course Files. You'll see Content Collection in the course menu where Course Files used to appear.
  • Open Content