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Status of Currently Available Features

Educator Preview is a great way to experiment with Learn and the Ultra Experience. However, because this is a preview release, there are some things that still need a bit more work. This page summarizes some of the major features currently available and gives an overview of feature quality.

Don’t see your feature? No worries!

  • View our Learn SaaS release notes to see what features, fixes, and updates are coming soon with our continuous deployment schedule.
  • Go to our community site to ask questions and share your thoughts.
  • And remember, all the features you use today are in the Original Course View!

Status of Features in Original Course View

Original Courses, with the features as they exist in Original Learn, are all available now.

Status of Features in Ultra Experience and Course View

Feature status and summaries
Area Quality Summary Notes
Accessibility Some issues to be fixed Blackboard is committed to accessibility, but as we are designing and developing a new experience, many areas require extensive testing and validation before we are able to certify compliance with relevant standards. We will continue to make fixes in upcoming releases that will allow for the certification of accessibility, and continue our strong tradition of leadership in this area.
Activity Stream Good The Activity Stream is the first thing that greets users when they enter Learn with the Ultra Experience, and it provides timely information about what's happening in courses and elsewhere. This area of the Ultra course is expected to work well, without significant issues.
Assignments Some issues to be fixed Assignments give instructors an easy way to assess student learning. You'll find that assignments generally work, but that there are still a few issues we're working to resolve.
Browser Support

Chrome: Good

Other browsers: some issues to be fixed

The Ultra experience for Blackboard Learn fully supports Google Chrome. We're close to completely supporting Firefox and Safari, and we still have a bit more work to do for Internet Explorer. You may still use these other browsers, but you might see a few issues if you do. Given how important browser support is for our users and how seriously we take quality, we will be delivering updates that will ensure high quality for other browsers. In the meantime, if you're curious to get a preview of the Ultra experience, we recommend you use Chrome for the best possible experience!
Calendar Some issues to be fixed The Calendar in the Ultra Experience is a great way for instructors and students to stay on track with due dates, course meeting times, and other important events. In general you will find that the major workflows are present and working, but there are still some known issues that we'll be fixing in an upcoming release.
Course Conversion Some issues to be fixed One of the nice things about the Ultra Experience is that there's a choice of courses to use. Original Courses have all the same features and workflows from Blackboard Learn. Ultra Courses provide a new, more streamlined course with many essential features available now, with more added all the time! One of the options we provide is for courses to be converted from Original Courses to Ultra Courses. This is a good way to try out the Ultra Course. We're working hard on getting this process just right, and there are still some issues we're working on now.
Course Content Some issues to be fixed The Course Content page is the place where instructors can provide a structure to a course, providing materials to learners, and deciding if and when those materials will be made available. Many options are available, like adding folders, files, assignments, discussions, and others. We expect that you'll find the Course Content page easy to use, and generally working well. However, we are still working on a few issues that will be included in upcoming releases.
Discussions Some issues to be fixed Discussions provide a way for instructors and students to talk about topics that matter in a course. Instructors can easily add new discussions and get things started with a post; students can reply to instructor-originated discussions, and also start their own. Discussions are working pretty well right now, but we are tracking a few issues that we will be fixing.
Export Course Content Good Instructors may export or archive their course content for importing to a different course at a later time. This area of the Ultra Course is expected to work well, without significant issues.
Grading & Gradebook Some issues to be fixed Grading and the Gradebook in Ultra Courses provide instructors with an efficient way to assess learner progress, provide useful feedback, and calculate overall grades. We think you'll find the Gradebook and various Grading workflows to be easy to use. Despite this, we're working on some finishing touches to ensure that the overall experience is as smooth as possible.
Localization On the roadmap At this time, the Ultra experience is available in US English only. In a future release, we will provide additional language options so that users may enjoy the experience in their preferred language.
Messages Good Messages provide a way for instructors to communicate with some or all students in a course, or student-to-student communication. It's a simple and easy way to stay in touch with the others enrolled in a course. This area of the Ultra course is expected to work well, without significant issues.
Responsive Design Good The Ultra experience is almost fully responsive on a variety of desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone devices, meaning that you'll enjoy all of the features in the Ultra Experience and Ultra Courses on your preferred device and screen size. We are working on a few more areas, and we'll make a few more updates in upcoming releases.
Roster Good The course Roster gives instructors and students a way to see who else in enrolled in the course, quickly communicate with others, and (if it's allowed by the administrator) for instructors to add or manage those in enrolled in a course. This area of the Ultra course is expected to work well without significant issues.
Tools Good The Tools page gives instructors and students a quick way to access important capabilities that their administrator has enabled. For example, this is how students are able to access a Portfolio. This area of the Ultra course is expected to work well, without significant issues.
User Settings Good User Settings is how instructors, students, or anyone who has an account can manage their personal information and other important configuration options. This area of the Ultra course is in good shape and should work without significant issues.


Good: We’ve tested this area and we believe you'll find the quality is strong.

Some issues to be fixed: We've tested this area and, while the features generally work, you might find a few problems.

On the roadmap: This feature is not yet available in the Ultra experience.

How to Contact Blackboard

If you discover an issue, please let us know. And remember, if you don't see a feature you're looking for, go to our community site to ask questions and share your thoughts.

  1. Call 1-844-435-2162.
    • Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EDT
    • Saturday - Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
  2. Log in to Educator Preview and select the question mark icon for Help anywhere you see it.