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Activity Stream

Instructors, you're in the right place!
Students, view activity stream information specific to students.
Administrators, view activity stream information specific to administrators.

An up-to-the-minute activity stream on the first page you see captures all the action in your courses.

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

You can see what's new in your courses and jump directly into course activities from the list! No digging through the system or missing submissions from students. You see a prioritized list of what's relevant to you.

  • Follow student discussions as they happen, including the latest submissions.
  • Take note of how many submissions are ready to grade. You can also access new submissions from the stream. You can view an example in the assignments topic.
  • Receive reminders about personal events and meetings.
  • Enjoy a bird's-eye view of course activity and direct access to course items.
  • Filter your view. Use the Filter By menu and choose Show All, Assignments and Tests, Grades and Feedback, Discussions, or Messages.

We've combined many notification features to help you find the targeted information you need. Over time, our system will get even smarter about helping you understand which things are most time-sensitive or critical.

Watch a video about the activity stream

This video explains how to access the activity stream and which items appear.

Video: Activity stream

Activity stream categories

Activity stream items are grouped into four categories to make the list easier to scan:

Important: Students see overdue assignments and tests that need their immediate attention and messages from you. You'll see messages from your co-instructors and teaching assistants. The number of items in this section make up the count shown by Activity Stream in the list where your name appears first.

Upcoming: View your top five events that will be happening in the next seven days. Select Show More for a complete list. This section doesn't appear if you don't have upcoming events.

Today: See everything happening and due in the next 24 hours, including institution-wide announcements about emergency notifications and updates. If you added announcements in the Original Course View, they appear in this section for students.

Recent: If you haven’t checked in for a bit, view stream items that were previously in the Today section over the last seven days. Students always see reminders about overdue work in the Important section.

Customize your stream

You can control which activity appears in your stream. On your Stream page, select the Open Stream Settings icon to open the Settings panel.

Submissions and student feedback always appear in your activity stream, but you can hide or show these activity types:

  • New course calendar items
  • New messages
  • New gradable items
  • Discussion posts and replies

Both course views appear in the activity stream

The activity stream shows you what's happening in your courses, whether the course uses the Original Course View or the Ultra Course View. Here's a breakdown of events that trigger notifications in your activity stream.

For courses that use the Ultra Course View, your activity stream displays the following events:

  • You added content to your course, such as assignments, tests, discussions, documents, and links
  • A student created a discussion in a course
  • A student submitted items that are ready for grading
  • You added events to your course
  • You received a message or reply
  • Events are happening today
  • Events are happening soon

If your course uses the Original Course View, these events appear in the activity stream:

  • You added content to your course, such as assignments and tests
  • A student added a new blog, journal entry, or wiki page
  • A students submitted items that are ready for grading
  • You added events to your course
  • Events are happening today
  • Events are happening soon