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Posts Tool

This information applies only to the Original experience. Your institution controls which tools are available.

The Posts page displays the posts made in the last seven days in the courses, organizations, and spaces you're enrolled in, teach, and follow.


  • A new blog entry made by one of your classmates
  • A new post to one of your course's discussion board
  • Your contribution to a wiki in one of your courses
  • An update about a meeting for one of your spaces, if enabled

To access the Posts page, access the menu next to your name in the page header. The My Blackboard menu opens. Select the Posts icon.

If prompted, you must accept the terms of service and provide an email address before you can use this tool for the first time.

The Posts page

Each new post appears with a preview of the content, location, and author. Select a post to expand the content in the right panel. For discussion posts, select Reply or Quote to contribute. You can provide and view comments for wiki and blogs, but an instructor can disallow comments on a wiki. Only instructors can comment on journal entries.

If your institution has the people and spaces tools turned on, the latest posts by the people and spaces you follow also appear.

Filter posts

These filter options appear in the left panel:

  • All: View all the posts in your courses, even if you haven't posted. This filter option doesn't appear if no one has posted.
  • @me: View only your posts. This filter option doesn't appear if you haven't made any posts.
  • Custom: If posts exist in your courses, this filter option appears. If you've posted, you can select the check box in the pop-up box to view only the posts in the courses that you've participated in. If you haven't posted, the custom pop-up box is empty or has no check box.

If you need to view an older post that doesn't appear, access the course and the tool where the post was made.