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Manage Voice Tools

Enable Voice Authoring

You can enable or disable voice authoring tools on the Tool Availability page. You can make the tools available to yourself in the content area Tools menu or available to everyone in the course on the Tools page.

  1. Select the course for which you want to make tools available.
  2. In the Control Panel, under Customization, select Tool Availability.
  3. On the Tool Availability page, select the check boxes of the tools you want to enable. Clear the check boxes of features you want to disable.
    • To use the voice tools yourself to create course content, enable the voice tools listed near bottom of the page: Voice Authoring, Voice Board, Voice Email, Voice Podcaster and Voice Presentation. Select the check boxes under the column Available in Content Area. The tools will appear in the Tools menu of content areas.
    • To make the voice tools available to anyone who can access the course, enable the voice tools listed near the top of the page: Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring, Blackboard Collaborate Voice Board, Blackboard Collaborate Voice Email and Blackboard Collaborate Voice Podcaster. Select the check boxes under the column Available. The tools will appear on the Tools page.
  4. Select Submit.

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