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Blackboard Help

Using Blackboard Store

This information applies only to the Original experience. Your instructor and institution control which tools are available.

If you already have a Blackboard Learn login, you can access the store directly from the Tools menu in the Learn interface.

Bookstore module

To use the Blackboard Bookstore or Blackboard Bookshelf, you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service. You will also be asked to create a Blackboard Store login during the checkout process. This lets you check your order status, track your order, and quickly sell books back.

If you have not yet been given a Blackboard Learn account, you can still order from the Blackboard Store, enabling you to purchase textbooks and materials before the start of class. This ability is set up by your institution. Once the Blackboard Bookstore has been notified that you are enrolled in a course, you will receive an email from the Blackboard Store with a direct link to the Blackboard Store.

  1. Once you are at the Blackboard Store, you have the option to either login with (a) an existing Blackboard Learn account, (b) an existing Blackboard Store account, or (c) create a Blackboard Store account.

  2. Once logged in, you will see the materials that pertain to your courses.

  3. You can select a course to see more detailed information about course materials.

  4. You can select materials to order, build a shopping cart similar to any other ecommerce site, and you can add to or delete from your shopping chart.

  5. Since most institutions restrict access to Blackboard courses prior to the start of class this new feature will allow you to be prepared for the start of class regardless of having to access to your course or having a Blackboard account.

Search feature

If no materials are found when you go to the Blackboard Store, you can use the Search feature.

  1. When no materials are found, select Find Course Materials.
  2. The following page presents a search interface to find courses by Term, Campus, and Course/Course ID.

  3. Once you fill in the fields and select the Search button, the courses show up below the Search Courses.
  4. You can then select a course by selecting Add next to the course and select Add Courses.

  5. Once a course has been added, you can then select View Course Materials to find course materials.

  6. Courses added using Course Search or Direct Links can be removed from your Blackboard Store view. However, courses for which you have an enrollment in Learn cannot be removed.

    Select the search link to conduct additional searches.