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Using Blackboard Bookshelf

This information applies only to the Original experience. Your instructor and institution control which tools are available.

Installation of the Blackboard Store also includes the Blackboard Bookshelf, including an advanced e-Reader, digital bookshelf and mobile compatibility. It acts as a central location to hold records of what you’ve purchased, notes associated with both digital and print course materials, and links to initiate the buyback process.

You can view books you have purchased within the Blackboard Store here and get recommendations based on your courses.

See what you’ve purchased

Your bookshelf is the go-to place to access all your course materials. Easily find everything you’ve purchased from the Blackboard Store – even after your course has ended.

When you select View All under the Digital tab, you are taken to your Digital Bookshelf.

When you open a digital book, you will be given the option to read online, view book information, access associated notes, or download.

Selecting Book Info allows you to view your History Change Log and information on your digital rights to the material.

Use the eReader

To access the eReader, select Read Online.

The toolbar gives you access to your table of contents, supplemental resources, notes, figures, font size, settings, an overview of the eReader functions, and a search function.

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To get an overview of the eReader at any time, select Quick Tour.

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To jump to a different section of your digital textbook, select Contents in the toolbar and select the chapter or page from the Table of Contents menu.

The Digital Bookshelf eReader also allows you to associate supplemental resources and notes with your digital books. From the toolbar, select Notes or Resources.

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You can also access figures from your textbook, select Figures.

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To change the display size, select Display.

To take notes, highlight anywhere within the eReader. You will be given the options to search for the text elsewhere, copy, listen, highlight, add a note, or add a bookmark. You can also define terms and find links to Google and Wikipedia.

When highlighting and adding notes, you are given a variety of color options to organize your notes.

You can also import notes from Evernote or Dropbox by selecting Settings on the toolbar.

You are asked to authenticate your account with Evernote or Dropbox directly to allow access to your notebooks and files within the eReader.

You can also access Evernote and Dropbox from your Digital Bookshelf.

Initiate buyback and return rentals

You can easily initiate the buyback process directly from your Blackboard Bookshelf. Simply go to “Books to Sell” and select the materials you want to sell back.

If you purchased your books elsewhere, you can see if they are eligible for buyback by entering their ISBNs.

You can also access the buyback interface by selecting Sell textbooks under the I want to: menu. This is also where you can return your rental materials.