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Blackboard Help

How Am I Doing?

This information applies only to the Ultra experience.

If you see a list with your name at the top on the left side of the page, you can access information to find out where you stand in relation to your classmates.

View alerts in the activity stream

Throughout the term, you may see an alert in your activity stream about how you're doing in your course.

Course activity data appears after a couple of days and a certain level of course-wide engagement. Extremely large or small classes won't produce data in this release.

Access info from your Grades page

In the list where your name appears first, select Grades. On the Grades page, select the Course Progress icon, next to the cell that displays your course grade. The How Am I Doing? panel appears.

Your instructor may set up the overall grade for your course so you can keep track of how you're doing. Select the course grade to learn more about how the overall grade is calculated.

More on the overall grade

Select your view

In the How Am I Doing? panel, select the Chart view or Table view icon to select your view. You can't use the chart view with a screen reader.

Chart view

You can view a scatter plot that compares your activity and grades to your classmates'. You're provided with a broad view of your performance in relation to the rest of the class.

Y axis: Your and your classmates' grades are represented on the y axis.

X axis: Activity count is based on an evolving algorithm that accounts for clicks and time spent on pages.

Regression line: Our research shows a significant correlation between grades and level of activity. The regression line represents that correlation and gives you a predicted grade according to activity level.

Zoom in and out: Use the plus and minus icons to zoom in and out. To zero in on a specific portion of the scatter plot, press and drag to select the region. A translucent rectangle appears over your selection and the screen will automatically zoom in. Use the minus icon to reset.

Table view

Select the Table view icon to view your data sorted in rows and columns.