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Authentication and Security

What types of authentication does Blackboard Mobile Learn support?

Blackboard Mobile Learn supports any authentication scheme that does not require a browser plug-in or native browser login prompt. If your Blackboard Learn instance has custom authentication, you may need to contact Blackboard Support to make sure the configuration works properly. Otherwise, just select the appropriate setting on the Blackboard Mobile Web Services Building Block Settings page.

HTTP Authentication does not work on Android devices. Our recommendation is to use Force to Web whenever native authentication is not possible. For more information, please log a support case on Behind the Blackboard and our support personnel will be happy to work with you on this issue.

What security measures are taken to ensure privacy?

  • The Blackboard Learn Product Development and Performance teams have tested and verified the Mobile Learn Building Block's security and stability. Installation should have no adverse implications for the hosting machine.
  • Once a device connects with your institution’s servers, Blackboard is out of the communication loop.
  • The connection between Mobile Learn and your institution's servers is encrypted via the same method as all other web traffic at your institution.
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn securely transmits usernames and passwords directly to your institution's servers. It never transmits credentials in plain text.
  • Mobile Learn uses Blackboard Learn’s built-in authentication methods to log in; there isn't any custom code.
  • Blackboard never saves user credentials on its servers.
  • The Remember Login option on a user’s mobile device allows the user to save his or her login information on the device’s secure storage space. This process is consistent with the way other mobile applications save passwords.
  • The Remember Login option is only available for institutions using the native authentication scheme.

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