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If your institution has a firewall in place, ensure that your server and the Blackboard Mobile Learn server can connect to each other; this may mean adding the Mobile Learn server to your whitelist. Please add the following hostnames to your whitelist to allow bi-directional communication. Currently these all resolve to the same IP address:

If your server uses Custom Authentication, such as Shibboleth or CAS, get help with proper configuration from our support team by creating a ticket at Behind the Blackboard. Custom Authentication configurations often require special actions on your side or on the Mobile Learn side. It is critical to contact Mobile Learn Support to ensure users can access your institution through Mobile Learn without issues.

The following fields on the Server Registration Settings page are automatically populated. Please review each to ensure the correct information is in place.

Public URL - the URL of your Blackboard Learn server.

Name - displayed to users when they search for your institution in Mobile Learn.

Authentication Type - if unsure about this, please contact Behind the Blackboard before submitting.

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