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Why can't I see my stuff in the app?

New content was added to your Blackboard course, but you can't see it? Is there a tool available in  your Blackboard course that you do not see in the app? Here are some reasons why that might be happening.

Pull to Refresh

In order to limit data requirements, the Mobile Learn app stores information in a cache while you are logged in. In app versions 4.0 and higher, you can easily refresh enrollment information by using the Pull to Refresh function. Navigate to your course and organization list and swipe the screen downward until you see the words Release To Refresh.

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You can also see new grades, content, announcements, and assessments in your courses and organizations by navigating to the Dashboard and using Pull to Refresh. All data within each visited course or organization is automatically updated every 10 minutes, with some areas refreshed each time the user visits, such as grades, discussions, blogs, and journals.

Blackboard Learn Settings in the Course

You may not be able to see the following tools in the app due to the way your instructor has configured the Blackboard Learn settings for these tools within a course: Discussion Boards, Journals, Blogs, My Grades, Tasks, Groups, Roster, and Announcements.  Please contact your instructor for more information.

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