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Why are my courses not displaying in Mobile Learn?

When you log in to your school's Blackboard site using a web browser, do you see all the correct courses there and can you access content from them?

If you can see your current classes in a web browser...

Classes you can see in your web browser should show up in the app. If you see your classes through a web browser but not in your app, please contact Mobile Learn Support. Include the address of the your school's Blackboard Learn website and we'll investigate right away.

If you can't see your courses in the web browser...

It is likely your classes are not available yet. The Mobile Learn app only shows courses that are Available and Active on Blackboard Web Learn. If your course hasn't started yet, or if your instructor has a course set as Unavailable or Inactive, it won't show in the app. Often, Instructors will make courses active around the first day of classes.

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