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Why can't I find my institution

Have you spelled your institution's name correctly?

Each institution is listed with a single name, often the full name of the institution. Abbreviations or non-standard spellings of your institution's name, such as "St." for "Saint," may not show up in the search results.

Is your institution signed up with Mobile Learn?

Please go to our Mobile School Finder Page and search for your institution to determine if your school has installed Mobile Learn. Institutions that use Blackboard do not necessarily use the Blackboard Mobile Learn App. If your school is not using Blackboard Mobile Learn, you can contact your institution and inquire whether Blackboard Mobile Learn will be enabled at your school.

Is your institution's server up?

You may not find your school if they have taken down their server temporarily. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as your school performing routine maintenance on the server. If you know your school has Mobile Learn, the Mobile School Finder Page can tell you if your school's server is temporarily down. It is best to contact your IT help desk as they can provide a timeline regarding when the server will be back up.

Still having trouble?

If your institution is listed but you still can't seem to find it within the app, don't hesitate to contact Mobile Learn Support. Make sure to provide a detailed description of what you are typing in the search box and what you are seeing.

Need Help?

Email Support

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