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Why do I need to type my credentials each time I open the app?

There are two ways that your institution may have configured authentication for Blackboard Mobile Learn: a force-to-web login or a native login.
If your institution uses a force-to-web login, you are redirected to your online login page for authentication. It is not possible for the Blackboard Mobile Learn app to store and remember these credentials. Please keep in mind that this is also true for Android Users using the Android Mobile Learn widget. 

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If your institution implemented Blackboard Mobile Learn with the native authentication mechanism, you see a native view to type your login credentials on.  Once you have logged in, go to Settings, which is accessible from your Course and Organization List. Select Privacy and set Remember Me to On.

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As long as you exit the app without choosing to log out, your credentials are remembered. To exit the app without logging out, Android and iOS users should tap the Home button.  If you log out, your credentials are erased (even if you selected Remember Me) and are not remembered.

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