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I downloaded this app for free, why do I need to pay?

Mobile Learn is free to download because we wanted to make sure users could log in to their schools successfully before asking them to purchase a Personal License. If we charged for the app, users may purchase it, search for their school, and find that their school has not yet started supporting Mobile Learn. We wanted to make sure all users who buy the app are getting the full Mobile Learn experience.

If you'd like to learn more about this shift for Mobile Learn, see Why the change to the personal license?

But wait, I used to access this app for free. What happened?

If you used to be able to access your institution through Mobile Learn for free, but now are asked to purchase the Personal License, it's possible your institution used to have an institutional license for Mobile Learn on behalf of its students, but has decided to stop licensing the app. Institutions have always had the option to purchase the app for their students - if the institution chooses not to, students and teachers are now presented with the choice to purchase access to their school through the app.

If you attend multiple schools, one of your schools may license the app, but the other does not. You will need to purchase a license to access the school that does not have an institutional license.

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