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Mobile Learn Features

These are the key features available in Blackboard Mobile Learn™ for Apple and Android devices. These features extend learning and engagement into spaces where there wouldn’t normally be the opportunity — giving students and teachers instant access to their course content anywhere.

The Mobile Learn app is not intended to replace the Blackboard environment. Rather, it is meant to complement it with the enhancement of key features that translate best to a mobile device.

Mobile Learn supports these operating systems:

  • iOS 6 and higher - iOS compatible devices include iPhone 3GS+, iPad2+, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 4+.
  • Android OS 2.3 and higher.

The following features are available in the app on both platforms, unless otherwise noted.

If you are an Angel user, please see Mobile Learn Features for Angel.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_announcement.png Announcements

Instructors can post announcements on the go.

Students can view the latest news from instructors.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_notifications.png Push Notifications

*This feature is available only for institutions using Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Push notifications pop up on your device for the following events:

Announcement posted

Course or organization now available

Item graded

Content items posted

Test available, due, or overdue

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_grades.png Grades

Students can view grades and feedback from instructors.

Grade Center functionality for instructors is not a supported feature of Mobile Learn. 

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_discussions.png Discussions

View forums.

View threads within forums.

Create threads.

Reply to discussion threads.

Attach files from your Dropbox or Google Drive - link your account to Mobile Learn and upload files.

Attach files from your device's local file system. Note: iOS users can only attach photos and videos.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_content.png Content

View Files - view text and presentation file types including DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, PPTX, and more.

View Media - view image and video file types including JPEG, GIF, PNG, MP4, MOV, and more depending on device capabilities.

Play Audio - listen to audio file types such as MP3.

Post Content - instructors can upload and post content items to courses through Dropbox, Google Drive, or their device's local file system.

Students cannot submit Assignments through Mobile Learn.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_journals_blogs.png Blogs and Journals

View blogs and journals by course.

Post comments on blogs and journals.

Attach files from your Dropbox or Google Drive - link your account to Mobile Learn and upload your files.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_tasks.png Tasks

View tasks by priority and due date as they are assigned by your instructor.

Update task status - mark tasks as In Progress or Complete as you work through them.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_organizations.png Organizations

Browse information for your organizations including announcements, content, roster, discussions, groups, and more.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_dashboard.png Dashboard

View your Dashboard for new course activity including announcements, new content items, assessments, and grades. These items disappear from the dashboard once they are read.

Read items disappear from the Dashboard only if your institution is running Mobile Web Services Building Block 91.4.0 and higher.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_groups.png Groups

Within a group, you can access many of the same features as you do within the course menu such as discussions, content, journals, announcements, and more.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_roster.png Roster

View everyone who is enrolled in your course.

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/Feature_Guide_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_test.png Mobile Tests

*This feature is available only for institutions using Blackboard Learn 9.1.

Mobile tests support the following question types:

Calculated Numeric

Fill in Multiple Blanks

File Response

Hot Spot

Multiple Choice

Short Answer


Mobile tests do not support the following question types: 

Calculated Formula



Fill in the Blank

Jumbled Sentence


Multiple Answer

Opinion Scale/Likert


Quiz Bowl

Tests including these question types cause an assessment to be inaccessible on mobile devices.

Other Features

  • Favorite your most used course content, discussion threads, grades, and more for easy access and quick viewing at the top of your course menu.
  • Personalize your course list by hiding, coloring, and reordering your courses.
  • Rich content - text enhancement styles are available in specific areas of the app, including bold, italics, underline, bullets, block quotes, and links.
  • Unread counts - quickly see how many new items are in your courses, such as unread discussion posts, content items, grades, and more. The unread count feature is only available for Android.

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